Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tiny Living: Living without sacrifice

Many of you groan when thinking about such a drastic downsizing move as living in a tiny house and minimal; by choice.  You may think it is an undo-able sacrifice. Oh, yeah, one more complaint I have heard from others: tiny living must be ugly and and have no style or bling. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I have watched HGTV for decades.  There used to be a program focused entirely on designing for small spaces.  I loved it because the designers always made the small space beautiful as well as functional.  

I found a new tiny home built on a 28' trailer providing 221 sq.ft. of living space plus two lofts that add another 128 sq. ft.  It is modern and sleek and has a full sized range in the kitchen, plenty of light and stairs to the sleeping loft.

This is a great space, but like any travel trailer/tiny home, it needs a good sized truck to haul it around. 

Let me know if you think this tiny home is appealing and functional.

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