Thursday, June 30, 2016

Washing Machines in Tiny Houses?!?

I ran across an article on wearing clean clothes and washing machines in tiny houses by Andrew M. Odom for the “Tiny House Blog”.   His title caught my attention, “Do Tiny House People Wear Clean Clothes?” 

I just had to open the link and read it. 

They answer, well of course Tiny House People wear clean clothes! The real question is, do you need to take up ¼ of your floor space to have a washer/dryer in your tiny home? 

I have designed a couple of tiny homes with smaller stacking washer & dryers units, as well as all-inclusive machines that wash and dry, and they do take up a sizable footprint even when your tiny home is 8.5’ wide and 28’-30’ long. (On the larger size for tiny homes.)

Andrew notes that before you even consider the footprint size further, it is important to consider the electrical and plumbing requirements involved in having this in-house luxury.  Maybe a weekly trip to a laundromat or using the Wonderwash (The Laundry Alternative, Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine) that can be found on Amazon, might be an alternative consideration. ( ) You would still have to line/air dry if your use the Wonderwash or some other hand washing procedure, but NOT having a traditional washing/drying machine would certainly save space for other features and save money on costly electrical and plumbing considerations.

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