Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Space Saving Furniture

On this blog I have been discussing the topics of living minimally and living in smaller spaces, Tiny Homes.  I am sure that you are like my husband and think, "She's crazy, how do I make my furniture work in a 200 sq.ft. space?" 

Well, you don't.  

With your new tiny space a new tiny space mentality has to be developed; adjustments in the way you think about space. Once you have made the decision, you have to embrace your new "normal" - the new paradigm you have defined for yourself.  I have lived in small spaces, but have always tried to just make my large furniture pieces fit and it never really did; I always felt claustrophobic about not having enough space to even walk around and no place to practice my hobbies or entertain friends.

A company called Resource Furniture is making it easier for tiny home residents. They have designed a wide spectrum of multi-functioning furniture pieces that take very little room to transform and give you multi-functional rooms that work and look good: sofas/beds, tables/beds, wall units/beds, home office space/beds, chairs that turn into step stools, and chairs that function as book storage. 

They also give you choices for the finishes, fabric, and wood. You can customize until your heart is content with the look.  

Spend the few minutes it takes to watch the video on this YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nljmEUeLbY  .  
When you have looked at the video, give me feed back.

If you want more info, like I did, here is the link to their webpage:  

Thanks to my friend Janis Cannon for turning me on to this product.

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