Sunday, February 16, 2014

Molecule Tiny Homes Tour

When I read the title of this blog in another article, I thought it was going to be about tiny homes that were even smaller than normal, "Molecule".  However I discovered that it was actually a tiny home builder's name; Molecule Tiny Homes.

Since more and more people are interested in living tiny, but don't want to climb a ladder, I found the home discussed in the link below, very do-able.  I would not want to live in a home quite this small on a full time basis, especially with another person, but if you are single it could be made to work.

Again, this home is using all typically unused space for additional storage; under the staircase being the one that most intrigues me. (Why don't builder's do that in traditional 2-story homes?)

This home was built with a solar panel installed on the roof of the home, but accessible by way of the main loft and through the opening skylight.  It has a tub (small), a composting toilet, and the tiniest bathroom sink I have ever seen.
Waring's Induction Range
It doesn't have a permanently installed range or cooktop, but as I have seen in other tiny home environments, the Waring Commercial Induction Range 120V, 1800W, or equivalent, will give you instant cooking without taking up the installed appliance space. You could even have a wall oven installed under the counter top, or utilize a counter top oven like Kitchen Aid's 12-Inch convection bake
KitchenAid's Countertop Oven
countertop oven.

Take a few minutes to view the video where Jason Dietz, the owner/builder of Molecule Tiny Homes provides additional information about this particular home, and how he builds in general.

Check back often as I post nuggets of information as often as I find them.  Sometimes that is daily, other times just weekly.


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