Wednesday, February 26, 2014

aPODments - new housing solution in larger cities?

I'm with you, aPODments, I thought it was a corny name, but I didn't name these micro living environments, someone else did.

They are smaller than a typical apartment (like a tiny home is to a traditional home), but in many cases take up only a few hundred square feet.  

These particular aPODments, are located in Seattle, Washington.  But they have become so popular this company is now planning to build them in Portland, Oregon; California, and New Jersey.

To see if this was the only company building these type of micro-housing complexes, I did a search on Google Images for apodments and I came up with tons of pictures - some that had nothing to do with the micro-housing industry, but the majority of them did.

Seen from the sleeping loft

I see potential for the Amarillo market in meeting needs for many an adult with a small income. 

Let me know if you like the idea of aPODments to meet current housing needs.


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