Monday, July 13, 2015

A Tiny Home to write home about!

I started a new job in January 2015 and haven't found the time to post anything since then.   However, I am making time now because I have found my "I want" tiny home.  As an interior designer I like to design my own spaces, however, I found someone else's design that I have to applaud.  This couple has taken into account headroom, natural light, the need for privacy when inside and the cute aspect. Why have a tiny home if it isn't cute!  It has a functioning kitchen, room for 2 recliners, a wood stove and an awesome bathroom.

I would sell my house and both cars and invest in a vehicle that could tow this THOW (tiny home on wheels) in a heart beat.  I just have to convince my husband - he is a writer and has "hundred's" of books for research purpose.  I tell him all the time that if he dies first I am getting one even if I have to park it in a relative's backyard and do day care for the privilege.  He just laughs.  I am not giving up my quest to have one though.

So, let me share this intriging home with you:

Expect to see me retiring in one of these real soon!

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