Monday, February 10, 2014

Things to consider before building your Tiny Home

I worked in residential construction for over twenty years, and I have a four year degree in interior design, so I am always thinking about a better way to build something.  In case of my current passion, the tiny home, I have had some issues with some designs I have seen, so I have put my mind to answering them; now I can share these thoughts with you.

Things to consider before you build:

1.  Windows; they need to be tempered glass
for safety’s sake.  They will be less likely to 
break while towing it and less dangerous to 
the human element if they do break.

2. Collapsible awnings to cover your 
windows would add additional protection 
while towing, and would add sun protection 
when you are parked.

3.  Over frame the house to protect it from shearing and distortion from wind shear when it 
is towed at highway speeds.  Consider framing and bracing with metal studs.

4.  Flexible materials throughout.  Plywood is more flexible than drywall.  And don’t tile your 
shower walls; they are not flexible at all.

5. Make sure that all your plumbing and electrical pipes and wires are securely strapped to 
joists/studs so they don’t shirt and/or break.

6. Make sure the weight is distributed evenly within the house.  Don’t put all your appliances 
and the bathroom on the same side.  Also consider how much weight will be riding on the 
tongue of the trailer.

7.  You will need to add extra insulation on the front of the house (tongue side) and make 
sure that all gaps in your cladding are sealed.

8. If you plan to tow your tiny house yourself there are some maximum height and width 
requirements that you need to stay within.  No taller than 13.5’ tall and you can still pass 
under power lines, into gas stations, and through toll stations.  It is also recommended that 
you don’t go wider than 8.5’ wide so you don’t run into issues with large tractor trailers.

9. Like any travel trailer, you need to make sure that your trailer is registered and has a 
visible license plate when traveling.

10. Make sure you have an extra trailer tire.  This special size of tire is harder to find, and 
impossible if you are stuck in a sparsely populated area with no services.

11. Research the towing package of a truck before hooking up to make a cross country 

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