Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunshine Tiny Homes - The Sunset Model

Sunset Model

EcoSmart Fire 650SS
This home is the largest of the three I have designed to date:  30' L x 8'-6" W x 13' T. The 13' tall all depends on the specific trailer you purchase to build this house on.  I have designed it to be built over the top of the tires, so what type/size of tires on the trailer will make some difference in the height.  

All three have been built on the shed roof template to be able to give as much internal volume as possible.  That volume and strategically placed windows for daylighting will help in making them feel as spacious as possible.  

I personally don't like a structure covered in wood/wood veneer. I like a more contemporary look, so I have designed the walls to be; from the outside in: lap siding, 5/8" plywood, framing (turning the studs so you have the width of it to nail/screw into; thus making the wall thinner and leaving more interior floor area.), blown in insulation, and 3/8” plywood sheathing.  The 3/8” plywood will get a high grade primer and then a durable paint like Valspar will bring color to the walls and ceiling. 

No exposed beams on the ceiling, I will be using an engineered I-Beam roof system and then covering them in the same 3/8" plywood sheathing. (I spent 20 years in residential construction in various departments, the last being a Purchasing Manager. My construction managers would be so proud of how well I remembered all the info the manufacturer reps instructed us on!)

Nuovoliola 10
This model does not have any raised floors (lofts or kitchen like the last two).  This is truly a model that active adults could feel comfortable in.  This model has a queen size space saving wall bed/sofa and display wall by Resource Furniture.  The bed model is Nuovoliola 10.  It has so many frame color and fabric choices I couldn’t keep track when trying to count them all.

I have used a different manner of heating for this model.  EcoSmart Fire has been manufacturing bioethanol fire appliances for several years now. These appliances allow you to have the ambiance and warmth of a fire without consuming wood or having to have LP or Natural Gas plumbed into your structure.  The particular appliance I have selected for the Sunset fits inside of a base cabinet with just a few modifications. 

All models have the ability to take use of a full-hook up camping park, or they can work off of water from their 30 gallon holding tanks.  Depending on the type of toilet you choose to install in your home: traditional flush, composting, or dry-flush; will depend on how “off the grid” you can be when parked.  

In the near future I will be working up a solar package that will allow you to supplement your power needs with a solar battery.

I am very pleased with this model.  Hope you enjoy viewing it.


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