Friday, January 24, 2014

Tiny Transition Downsizing e-Course

I received several responses to my blog about tiny home/cottages in Iceland.  Many of you said you would love to take a trip there, however, more of you said you just couldn't imagine living in such a small space with that much less.  One person mentioned the lack of storage space, and doing without a washer and dryer.  

My favorite, commercially constructed, tiny house actually has stairs (which provides extra storage) and a full size washer and dryer designed into it.  You can find it on the Tiny Green Cabin's website: . The plan I am in love with is the Wildflower II Base Plan.  

Storage issues, storage is tucked into all tiny homes in normally unused spaces, but in this plan the steps to the sleeping loft, shown at the right, have small drawers added in the rise.

Of course, you have to adopt a minimalist mind set to make it work. That is really harder than you might think, since living minimally is in direct opposition to what we have been raised to believe is a sign of success in main-stream America. 

But enough of my ranting, there is an e-course available for any of you really serious about downsizing, de-cluttering, and choosing to live minimally.  is a place to begin. 

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  1. I would love to have stairs in a Tiny House design. That is my dream, to build a Tiny House. Just found your blog. Is there a way to "follow"? Thank you!

  2. minimalist moi, you can send me your email and I will add you to my "new blog post" group email list. OR, you can follow me on Google+ Followers